A Guide to Amazon Self-Publishing Costs for New Publishers

Have you always dreamt of becoming an author? Want the world to know your imagination, however not rich enough to pay the publishing costs and commissions? If yes then you are in the right place! Today, you will become aware of the way of publishing your book on the platform with the most resources to date, AMAZON.
Almost every country in the world uses amazon for every aesthetic thing. You can make your dreams come true by following these step-by-step guidelines for KDP.


A completely logical question most people ask when trying something new for the first time. Here is the reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to publish your work here.

Price your own book- You will get the opportunity to set the cost of your book however you like.
You get to keep all the book rights, unlike any publication company.
You can sell and market your work on other platforms as well.


Kindle Direct Publishing is a platform provided by amazon where you can publish your book for free unless you want to turn it into a professional work by making edits, book formatting, ebook writing, book cover design, and building an author’s profile. KDP will only charge you for the services you need before publishing your book. I am sure you don’t want to just go with the flow without precautions.
Let’s start with the publication method.

File Format

Both EBooks and printed versions are available, just make sure to follow the format which is MOBI for EBook. Moreover the fact that KDP guide will always be there to help you throughout your publishing and editing steps.
Also be aware while you select the paper size, quality and other little things for your printed version of the book to enhance uniqueness.

KDP Account Setup

Be sure to sign in to your KDP account which will be linked to your Amazon account. Once you proceed with one you will get the option for the other one. Do it as soon as you can so that Amazon’s service to pay you your earned money won’t be delayed.

Book Detailing

Once you proceed with the process, you will be required to fill in your book details like; Language, Book title, Series, Edition, Author (which is you), Contributors (people who helped you), Publication Rights, Category, and Age & Gender (for readers).
There are two things I haven’t included in the list because I want you to know how important and necessary these are:
1. Description: Once you are done writing your book, the most crucial part comes with the description. It is something you write about your book, an overall summary that is on display once you make it public. The only thing to grab your reader’s attention with. Either you do it or you don’t. Make sure to write as much interesting as you can!

2. Keyword: To put it in a simple way, when you search for something online; articles, eBooks, novels everything with the same written keywords come up highlighting the relatable work. If you wish to keep your book on the top search, choose your keywords wisely although KDP will be there to guide you with its instructions. It is also one of the greatest marketing strategies.

For example: If your novel is of a Romantic genre, it will be best to choose your keywords as ‘love story, ‘Romance’ ‘modern Love story’ etc.

Section for Book Content

This section is one of the most important ones which involves; Book preview which will be best before debugging all your errors before publishing, DRM (Digital Right Management)- This will protect you from illegal distribution of your work and will make sure you get rightfully paid every time your book is read.
ISBN is only available in printed version and good news you can avail it for free at KDP if you don’t already have one. There is also a book cover option available to make the best out of it. The final option you will be provided will be the print option where you decide if you want to put your work for pre-order which is great for a first-timer for it will hype up the audience or you can immediately publish it.

Setting up the Price

As I have mentioned earlier, this is the biggest advantage provided by Amazon is that we get to decide how much we want to sell our book for. Make sure to keep it low enough for your readers and high enough to make a profit after giving KDP their cut. The great news is that if you want to make changes to your price after publishing, you can do that too.

Publishing a book is not as easy as it seems to be. You should know that once you publish your book, you will receive your money after KDP and printing costs have been cut out. Don’t expect a lot but never stop believing in yourself. It may be your first time and you won’t get much response but with time people will get to know the artist in you. You can make it work!


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