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Market Your Book To Make Sure It Reaches The Right Audience

We help writers to bring their books in the best possible light, drive maximum exposure to them, and sell them like hotcakes! Our service has assisted thousands of book writers to pull out their books from the back of the shelf to the front rack and make crazy sales. You do the writing, whilst our experts take care of the rest.

To offer personalized publicity campaigns, and book marketing services, our agency has partnered itself with the greatest book marketers in the town. Each marketing strategy is customized to your genre, audience, objectives, and skill level. Since the inception of the company, our experts have promoted several books online, and never failed to surpass the expectations of the clients – you might be the next one.

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Here’s Why Choose Us for Book Marketing?

Whilst you have uncountable book marketers in the marketplace, there are a few factors that make us stand out in the noise. Following are the boons that a customer enjoys with us, which results in a high number of satisfied, and repeated customers.

  • Assistance, whole day and night,
  • Cheapest book marketing service,
  • Top-tier strategies that wins the audience,
  • On-time delivery, without any exceptions,
  • Professional book marketers of the town,
  • 100% customer satisfaction promised,
  • Complete transparency during the process,
  • Free consultation before the order placement
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Book Writers

Meet eBook or book writers employed for providing you with eBook writing services that engage the audience from start to finish!

$40 / Hr Ebook Writings - Stephanie Stephanie Creative Story Writer 4.9/5 ( 29 Jobs ) Ebook Writer Story Writer Proofreader

I am Stephanie, an experienced Story Writer in the morning and an avid reader at night. Books are my best friend. This is the reason I am never out of creative vocabulary. My high number of satisfied clients can vouch for my skills.

$30 / Hr Ebook Writings - Larry Larry Nonfiction Author 4.9/5 ( 58 Jobs ) Ebook Expert Proofreader Blog Writer

Bonjour, I am Larry, your next nonfiction E-book author (perhaps). I have worked in this business for 8+ years and have never failed to exceed my client’s expectations. Nonfiction writing is food for my soul, and I cannot live without feeding it.

$28 / Hr Ebook Writings - Pamela Pamela Certified Fiction Ghostwriter 4.9/5 ( 76 Jobs ) Ebook Writer Ghost Writer Copy Writer

Here’s Pamela at your disposal to help you with my seven years of fiction-based ghost-writing experience. My creative side, research skills, and native English make me the best suitable candidate to work with. Check my samples to know if my claims are true.

$33 / Hr Ebook Writings - Justin Justin Children’s story Novelist 4.9/5 ( 68 Jobs ) Ghost Writer Story Teller Ebook Editor

Hello, I am Justin, the top E-book writer for all clients wanting a children’s story! None of my clients have been disappointed with my services. Of course, my work bespoke my seven years of experience! Check out my samples and be awe-stroked for the whole day!

$40 / Hr Ebook Writings - Brandon Brandon Kindle or Paperback Storyteller 4.9/5 ( 68 Jobs ) Ebook Writer Copy Writer Blog Writer

It's Brandon, the ex-E-Books publisher! I have spent nine years in the publication sector, which gives me a clear sight of what an E-book should look like and what it shouldn’t. Hence, you can entrust me with your valuable story and time.

$35 / Hr Ebook Writings - Teresa Teresa Cookbook Writer 4.9/5 ( 68 Jobs ) Copy Editor Proofreader Ebook Writer

Hola, it's Teresa, the professional Cookbook writer in the field. I have written and delivered over 90 recipe-related E-books so far, and all my clients can vouch for my expertise. I am super confident in my skills, and I am sure you will love my expertise.

Our eBook Ghostwriting Service Has Delivered 9000+ Orders So Far

9000+ eBooks have been written so far! Take a look at our previously crafted, and delivered masterpieces of eBook writing service, to be assured that you are at the right place.

No Way Out
Ebook Writings
Creating a Business Plan
Inside Business Gabby Houston
Young Talk
The Leadership Jouney
Turn Fat into Fit
Quantum Field Theory
Artificial Intelligence
Trade Made Easy
Success Selling Story

Marketing your book with vision- service added!

People think that branding or marketing is just a matter of few posts. Well, our marketing gurus can prove that branding or promoting actually needs a clear vision. If anyone of you is worried about the post book writing process then take it easy. As, we have just extended our services. Now, we are offering book marketing help to all those writers who are willing to catch the audience, without any restricted boundaries.

At this book marketing agency 'eBook Writings' can turn all your dreams into realities. For this, you just need to collaborate with our writing experts. Our book marketing strategists work on promoting your brand with clear vision and goal.

Ebook Writings - Adept Writercraft Adept Writercraft

At our eBook writing agency, we have a team of adept writers who are proficient and experienced in composing intriguing content.

Ebook Writings - Remarkable presentation Remarkable Presentation

We pay equal attention to presentation. Our proofreaders never leave an inch of space to make you stand out.

Ebook Writings - 100% Satisfaction 100% Satisfaction

Our authors won’t rest until the buyer is fully satisfied with the delivered outcomes. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed by EBook Writings!

Ebook Writings - Excellent Readability Excellent Readability

Assuring the percentage of readability with exact use of vocabulary, our grammatologists provide excellence

Ebook Writings - Prompt Deliveries Prompt Deliveries

Unlike others, we never let our customers keep on hold for months or a year. We make deliveries on committed time.

Ebook Writings - 24/7 Assistance 24/7 Assistance

The assistance is available 24/7. You can get in touch with our professionals at any hour, and would be assisted, without any reluctance.

Uncensored Reviews Left By Our Clients

Providing you with the best customer experience is EBook Writings’s first priority. Our satisfied customers can vouch for our customer service. Have a look at what they have to say about us:


“My book had no sales – like no sales! No traffic, no exposure. I had invested so much time in writing it.Later someone suggested I hire EBook Writings. I did it. And honestly, the sales of the book have a visible difference. I am happy that I hired them for this role! 100% recommended service”.

Karen P.

“I have heard about their book writing service, but I wasn’t too sure about their book marketing service. I hired them on a recommendation of a friend. The sales were very slow. I was bumped out. But since the day they have taken the charge of my book marketing, things have taken a 360 change”.

Jason J.

“If you are looking for someone reliable to market your book, they are the best book marketers! My book started receiving more exposure and consequently started making more sales as well. I am satisfied that I hired the right people. EBook Writings was supportive during whole process.”

Katherine G.

1. Our book promotion service is your sale boosting tool

If writing a book is in your commands then great! But, how about promoting your book? Though one should not judge a book by its cover but this is exactly what people do. Even if you are an expert book writer, still it’s not easy to persuade readers. The moment when you realize that you are unable to convince your readers, don’t let the minute pass. Just come to us and ask for the expert book marketing help, without any hesitation.

2. Write ‘eBook Writings’ if searching for genuine marketing website

No matter if you are a potential customer or planning to avail our services for the very first time. When it comes to serve customers, our genuineness remains constant. Unlike others, we don’t build a dreamy castle. Instead, we provide all that we promise and make sure to fulfill our commitments in the similar manner. So, if anyone of you is in search of the website that can genuinely help in promoting book then give us a quick call.

3. From writers to marketers, we have a team of experts

In our team, we not only have writing gurus but brilliant marketing experts as well. Whether it’s about writing a sheer quality of content or promoting your book among your readers, we can turn all impossibilities into possibility for you. In eBook Writings, our expert marketers integrate effective tactics that help in portraying a remarkable image of the writers and making them recognized as a brilliant writer, within the relative industry or genre.

4. It’s as valuable as you are, and as cheap as your enemies are

At our agency, we will not cost you and arm and leg specifically for the promotional services. In fact, we offer affordable and competitive prices that anyone of you can pay easily. Though, in regards to quality or the provided services, we never let the thing ‘compromise’ get into the loop. To us, your satisfaction and effective results matter equally. Hence, our services of book marketing as valuable as you are and the prices relatively as cheap as your enemies are.

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