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Are you done with writing the best-seller idea into the document? Don't let it rot in between the book covers because you believe publishing an eBook isn't easy. Well, that's true, but when you have the best eBook publishing company, like ours, at your side, nothing is really hard to achieve. We help authors get recognized worldwide by placing their books in the era's top-rated bookstores.

We know all the best and rejection-proof ways to publish an eBook. As experts in Kobo publishing, we understand this field's particularities and can publish your eBook on Amazon in the fastest time possible. From a basic PDF manuscript to Amazon Kindle store, we stay by your side throughout the process and get your book live. Trust our eBook publishing website & we'll save you precious time.

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Does $ 1099 look too good to be true, because the Amazon eBook publishing cost in USA is sky-high? Your doubts are genuine, but let us reveal it to you. Our publishing service is the most affordable option for Americans. We cover everything within a package and expect no hidden charges. Here's what you get within one price:

  • Editing & formatting support
  • Designing (depends on package)
  • Meta data optimization
  • Content for Blurb
  • 100% ownership
  • 100% royalties
  • After-publishing support
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Publish On Amazon Kindle,
With These Experts

Following are the best eBook publishers we take pride in. Their expertise and experience make us stand out. Here's a little overview about them:

$40 / Hr Ebook Writings - Bradon Cenhelm Bradon Cenhelm Creative Story Writer 4.9/5 ( 29 Jobs ) Ebook Writer Story Writer Proofreader

Bradon is a top-rated eBook publisher in our team, with a huge number of published books under his belt. He have published books of almost every genre! Plus, he's a great consultant as well. If you are a newbie and unsure where to begin, consider speaking with our expert.

$30 / Hr Ebook Writings - Darrel Darrel Darrel Darrel Nonfiction Author 4.9/5 ( 58 Jobs ) Ebook Expert Proofreader Blog Writer

Darrel is among our oldest eBook publishers who've had the honour of publishing New York's best-sellers! He has published uncountable masterpieces so far. Plus, he's really quick, as he has been publishing for ages. Therefore, you can trust Darrel confidently.

$28 / Hr Ebook Writings - Goodwin Heath Goodwin Heath Certified Fiction Ghostwriter 4.9/5 ( 76 Jobs ) Ebook Writer Ghost Writer Copy Writer

Goodwin is an all-rounder of our team with publishing, designing, and editing expertise. His vast capabilities make him a reliable option to trust. He has a record of serving the highest number of clients due to his professionalism and desire to make a client succeed.

$33 / Hr Ebook Writings - Milton Linton Milton Linton Children’s story Novelist 4.9/5 ( 68 Jobs ) Ghost Writer Story Teller Ebook Editor

Milton is an expert book publisher and marketer who also knows the nuances of book marketing. He knows how to promote a book to the right audience so it gets the most exposure and grabs. Try hiring Milton; you will love hiring him as a publisher and marketer.

We've Published The Following Books On Amazon So Far

Curious to see what we've published so far? Here's the overview of the books we've published:

No Way Out
Ebook Writings
Creating a Business Plan
Inside Business Gabby Houston
Young Talk
The Leadership Jouney
Turn Fat into Fit
Quantum Field Theory
Artificial Intelligence
Trade Made Easy
Success Selling Story

Why Authors Picks Us To Publish eBook on Amazon & Google Books?

As soon as you start looking for a top eBook publisher in USA, you will come across the uncountable best eBook publishing companies. But are they truly legit and worth trusting? You can never hand over your manuscript to any regular publisher. Therefore, here are the following reasons the author picks us for Amazon eBook self-publishing:

Ebook Writings - Adept Writercraft Adept Writercraft

At our eBook writing agency, we have a team of adept writers who are proficient and experienced in composing intriguing content.

Ebook Writings - Remarkable presentation Remarkable Presentation

We pay equal attention to presentation. Our proofreaders never leave an inch of space to make you stand out.

Ebook Writings - 100% Satisfaction 100% Satisfaction

Our authors won’t rest until the buyer is fully satisfied with the delivered outcomes. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed by EBook Writings!

Ebook Writings - Excellent Readability Excellent Readability

Assuring the percentage of readability with exact use of vocabulary, our grammatologists provide excellence

Ebook Writings - Prompt Deliveries Prompt Deliveries

Unlike others, we never let our customers keep on hold for months or a year. We make deliveries on committed time.

Ebook Writings - 24/7 Assistance 24/7 Assistance

The assistance is available 24/7. You can get in touch with our professionals at any hour, and would be assisted, without any reluctance.

Americans Calls Us The 'Best eBook Publishing Platform'

Following reviews about our top eBook publishers will make you feel confident in our services:


A few years ago, I could only scroll eBooks on Amazon and dream of placing my book there. Fast forward to 2 years, this fastest eBook publishing in the USA made my dream come true. I will always owe my huge literary success to you guys.

Bartholomew Guy

100% satisfied with your professional eBook publishing service. Thanks for editing my book and making it worth publishing. Without you guys, I could have only praised and dreamt of having my book published online. Highly recommended.

Cecil Theodore

I hired this online eBook publisher on a friend's recommendation who's a New York best-seller. And I swear it was the best decision I've ever taken. My book was published so smoothly, and the prices were really affordable.

Ernest Ashley

A true professional Amazon book publishing agency in the USA. It was my first time publishing a book, and I was unaware of the particularities. They really helped me a lot in getting my book published and explained all the nuances of it.

Raúl Henry

1. An All-Rounder eBook Publishing Site That Takes Care Of The Entire Hassle

Either you have your manuscript in a basic PDF, or it's already well-formatted and just needs to go live – you can rely on us in both situations. We offer full-service Amazon eBook publishing for authors, including manuscript editing, formatting, selecting the best Meta tags, review & critique, ISBN barcode creation, and more. Even if you need help with book cover designing, our team can help you with that, too. Not only that, but here you can hire an online Amazon eBook writer too! Just in case you are running out of words, trust our writing team and they’d write a book for you.

2. Publish eBook Online With Our American Professionals, Irrespective Of Genre

The biggest hassle with regular online eBook publishing platforms is that they do not deal with every genre, especially the tough ones. However, when you come to us and say, 'Publish my eBook', you can be confident that your order won't be refused based on genre or the type of book you have written. It could be fiction, non-fiction, romance, thriller, adventure or any genre. What's more, we publish all types of books, like academics, poems, autobiographies, novels, short stories, etc. So, with our American professionals, you can publish any type or genre super-easily.

3. Be It Google eBook Publishing, Kindle Publication, Kobo Publishing – We Do Them All

Be it KDP eBook publishing, Lulu, Kobo, Google Play or any other platform, our top eBook publishers have a record of dealing with every platform that exists. Every eBook publishing platform has a different standard in terms of size, format, layout and design. We ensure it is met. We format the book according to the required standards so it doesn't get rejected. That's one of the reasons why every online eBook store always accepts books we publish. We have experience publishing on every platform; therefore, you can rely on us to get your book live on any online store.

4. Get Your eBooks Published & Printed By The Top-Rated Publication Company Of The USA

After publishing your book on Google Play or Amazon, you might be urged to have hard copies that reach your non-tech-savvy audience. For such customers, we offer an online eBook printing service that caters to their requirements. We offer a wide range of options, like several paper types, binding options, back covers, and more. Plus, we use premium-grade ink and papers to ensure they serve our clients for the longest time possible. Therefore, you can also rely on us for book printing, and we promise we won't disappoint you by any means.

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