E-book Writings aim is to provide quality content to its customers. Our professional team is available to provide you the unique and useful content. We try to meet the requirement of each customer. In case, if any customer is unsatisfied with the quality of work or if a customer opinion differs from us then we can provide a flexible facility to our customer. Such a facility is called a refund policy where we return money to our customers without any hesitation as the customer is always our priority. The following are some refund policy to claim the money. We request our customers to read the policies thoroughly as you can claim your money based on those points.

Late delivery of a product

Our mission is to deliver the E-book writing work to customers on time. No matter how many orders are available in the pipe-line. We try to deliver all the orders on a deadline that was provided to a customer. But, in rare cases, the order may not proceed to the customer on time. In such circumstances, we suggest all our customers in solving the issue with our customer service department. But, still, if the issue is not solved then we do not delay in refunding the money back to our customer.

Unsatisfactory Content

We try to provide quality content to our customers. We have a highly qualified team sitting on the bench to serve all our customers. In case, if the customer is unsatisfied with any of our content then we provide the facility of modifications. But, if a customer is still unsatisfied after the changes then we never stop them in claiming the money.

Refund policy is applicable under the following policies:

  • A customer can claim the money when the delivered product is not as unique as promised to be.
  • Money refund would apply in a case when the customer is not satisfied even after multiple changes. But, in a situation when a customer has already published the delivered content then refund policy won’t be applicable in such scenarios.
  • We highly recommend a customer to resolve all the relevant issues before you publish content. When a customer raises the issue after uploading content then such a case may go against the customer and we won’t be able to refund the money.
Payment errors

We hardly receive any case when an invoice mistakenly mentions a double rate for one order.

Such cases have strong worth to request for refunding the money back. But, a customer should have enough evidence in the form of receipt to proceed with this case further.

No Delivery

We have a dedicated team working day and night for our customers. Situations like this never occur when we unable to deliver any order to our customers. In such scenarios, we recommend our customers to contact our service department to resolve the issue. But, still, if the order is not delivered then a customer has a complete right to refund the money.

Cancelation of order

When a customer cancels the order after placing it then the customer will only be given a time of 24 hours. If an order is canceled after 24 hours then the customer won’t be able to claim the money. In such scenarios, we would recommend a customer to switch the nature of content to save their money.